Abhi On Rails

Ruby On Rails - What I learned recently

Hi, I am Abhilash M A. I live and work in Thrissur, Kerala, India.

I am a Product Lead @ Nuevalgo, a service oriented company who delivers good quality software and helps the customers succeed.

Before moving to Nuevalgo, I spent three plus years working with some of the most talented people at Multunus, in Banglore, where I got the opportunity to learn and do TDD, Pair Programming etc.

I am a Rubyist, a passionate programmer. I attend meetups (BRUG, KRUG, KeralaJS) and conferences (RubyConfIndia, DroidconIndia, JSFooIndia, AgileIndia).

I use Ubuntu, emacs, chrome for software development. I read HTML5 weekly, Ruby weekly, Javascript weekly, Coding Horror, Hacker news etc to keep up-to-date with the technologies.